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Associates Newsletter Advent - Christmas 2018

Associates Newsletter Advent - Christmas 2018

Our Dear Associates,

Today, St Andrew's Day, before the 8 am Sung Eucharist, which was a great surprise after the previous three days, we saw on the way to Chapel a most glorious sunrise and wonderful panorama of the beauty of a many-coloured sky. The stillness of the garden trees and bushes and the silence of any bird-song (even seagulls!!) seemed an ideal time to ponder on the coming of Advent themes of waiting, in thanksgiving and in the life-giving hope in the heart's silence and in deeper prayer.

Each season in nature, as well as in the Church's year, has a natural balance of change and permanence - new and old, different and yet the same; a sense of inter-connectedness, of dying and growth, hope and life. Every Autumn the Vigil begins: Unless a grain of wheat dies, it cannot "sing" a new birth. Unless Summer gives way to Autumn, Springtime will never enliven us."

Advent is a good time to face the many challenges. The child who is waiting to be born demands a response.

Blake's "Ancient of Days" shows us God's own preparations for this birth, preparations that go back before time, back to the very heart and nature of God, who is full of power and purpose, shaping the world for us, but not necessarily as we might wish it to be! Jesus, through whom all things came into being, is coming to claim the world again"

Since July we have continued to welcome and enjoy many visitors and guests for Quiet days and Retreats including:

The Friends Annual Gathering on October 20th from 10.00am to 4.30pm. Approximately 20 joined the Sisters for a cooked lunch and afternoon tea and during the afternoon talks were given by Sisters on the progress of the building of the new Priory. It was emphasised that, although the building would be smaller there would be room for approximately 20-25 guests in St Francis House and the MCC. On the following weekend, OHP Tertiaries held their annual three-day Gathering, many of

them staying in the Centre. During the Sung Eucharist on Saturday 25th at which the Rev. Sue Hope was the celebrant, many made a full life commitment, renewed their promises or were made new members. The Sisters joined them on Saturday evening for dinner in the Centre Garden Room followed by entertainment.

Sunday November 18th was kept as the Feast of St Hilda and we were joined by the Community of Aidan & Hild for the Eucharist and a festive Sunday Lunch.

We look forward now to our Priory Retreat on 5th _gth December which is to be led by the Rev. Adam Wells T.OHP and to our Christingle Service on December 16th when we shall be joined by members of St Hilda's Church in Whitby.

Over the past months, much time and energy continues to be spent in de-cluttering and sorting out the Priory and Centre buildings with positive meetings and advice from Architects and builders etc. We look forward to our great move in the New Year 2019 in thanksgiving for all that has been in the past with joy and hope in our new Priory. Deo Gratias.

Wishing you all and your families

A Happy and Blesses Christmastide

And may the joy of the angels

And the peace of the Prince of Peace

Be yours in the New Year.

With love and my prayer.

Maureen Ruth OHP

{Warden of Associates)

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