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Hallelujah! Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed!  Hallelujah!

This was our greeting this morning as the Easter Vigil turned into the Easter Eucharist.  Our Lenten disciplines seem almost as though they never happened, as Chapel has been filled with flowers, the cloister and refectory decorated and filled with beauty, and the driveway still bursting with daffodils.


Following our Eucharist, we had our celebration breakfast (one of the three breakfasts where we talk; the other two being Pentecost and Christmas) and then there was the continuation of the OHP tradition to walk to the beach on Easter Day.

As the tide was fully in, we were unable to go and put our feet on the sand, so we stayed on the cliff tops and enjoyed the view.

This evening, we will end our Easter Day celebrations with Solemn Vespers.  We are also looking forward to seeing the BBC's Songs of Praise programme, as it is set in Yorkshire and includes two hymns which were recorded up at Whitby Abbey.


"We are an Easter people and 'Hallelujah!' is our song" ~ Archbishop Sentamu

Posted On: 20/04/2014



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