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OHP at Greenbelt Festival 2014

Greenbelt is a Christian Festival which has been running since 1974.  The Society of St Francis have been in attendance for a number of years, and this year Sisters Helen and Louisa Ann attended from OHP to camp alongside them and join in with the Greenbelt experience.

Friday 22nd August saw them set off for Kettering, with waterproofs and wellies packed alongside warm clothes and sun cream.  After a somewhat eventful journey - one train was running 10 minutes late, but the next train to catch was then running five minutes late - they arrived at the Boughton House estate ready to put up their borrowed tent and join in the fun.

During the weekend, talks were listened to, discussions participated in and worship attended and lead.  On Saturday 23rd, the Anglican Religious were leading the Daily Offices up at The Mount, and three of the Sisters of the Love of God came for the day.

SLG Sisters in The Mount, following Evening Prayer on Saturday

Both sisters met people they knew, and made new friends.  It appears that many visitors to St Oswald's are also "Greenbelters"!

The variety of people who attend Greenbelt, the mix of speakers, discussions, music styles and activities for all ages, makes for an amazing weekend.  There is a big community feel, and Louisa Ann said that if she were to describle Greenbelt in one word, that word would be "conversations", because everything about the weekend is a conversation in one way or another.

To get a feel for the variety of the weekend, the Official Greenbelt Photo Album can be found here.

The "Franciscan" team, made up of First and Third Order Franciscans, members of the Hilfield Community, and OHP!

Posted On: 30/08/2014



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