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The First Golden Jubilee of our Centenary Year

On 22nd January 1965, Sister Hilary Joy made her Profession.

On 22nd January 2015, we celebrated her Golden Jubilee of Profession.

Over her time with OHP, Sr Hilary Joy has done a wide variety of work both at the Priory and at Branch Houses.  She is now based at the Priory and one of her particular outreaches is a weekly lip-reading class held in the Sneaton Castle Centre.

Above: Working in the Pantry
Below: Teaching Lip-reading

Fr David Cook presided and preached at the celebration Eucharist. 

From Fr David's Homily:

This is a day of celebration and thanksgiving:  celebration and thanksgiving for fifty years of commitment and devotion to the religious life lived in community with the Sisters of this order, a vocation first professed in 1965.  Hilary Joy, we are so delighted to share this occasion with you.

The readings chosen for this Mass speak of the mystery of Christ hidden for generations but now made known to the world through the lives of those called by God to be living expressions of that mystery.  We are reminded that each of us, through baptism, has been given the gift of Christ to hold and treasure.  The rest of our life is spent working out the implications of the gift in whatever place we find ourselves to be.  For Hilary Joy that place has been in the religious life in community with others who share the monastic journey with her.  Over the coming weeks others will take a step along that lifelong journey of sacrifice.

So today we give thanks that you, Hilary Joy, have held that gift so willingly throughout the years since your profession and through your life lived here, have radiated the love of Christ as you have gone about your daily duties.

But of all us sharing in this celebration are reminded of the mystery of Christ that is the gift of God to us, a gift we must treasure and share.  Cyril of Jerusalem has left us some words that are an inspiration for all who give thanks today:  You have been given life's great treasure.

It is our prayer, Hilary Joy, that you will continue to guard and treasure the great gift given to you and, as the years go by, the mystery of Christ will shine ever more brightly in your heart and life.


After the Eucharist followed a buffet lunch in the Sisters' Refectory.

Later in the afternoon, the Sisters gathered in the Community Room to share with Sister Hilary Joy her cake, gifts and cards.

 Above, the cake waiting for all to be gathered.
Below, Sr Hilary Joy cutting her cake with Sr Dorothy Stella.

Sister Hilary Joy throughly enjoyed her celebration and has expressed her thanks to all who have supported her over the last 50 years.

Posted On: 23/01/2015



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