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OHP Days Out

In the last fortnight, we have had two community trips out.  The first was on Sunday 31st May, when a number of Sisters and members of the Whitby Parish congregations travelled to York Minster for the ordination of Sr Karan to the priesthood.

Sr Karan had been in retreat with her fellow ordinands in the few days leading up to the ordination, so the first time we saw her was in the Minster as the service began.  We were also incredibly blessed with the seats which were available, and there were five Sisters sat on the very front row, to support Karan and the other ordinands.

After the service, there was much joy at the west doors of the Minster with parishes and congregations meeting their new priests.

Meeting our new Priests

Sr Karan with her friend who helped make the stole she's wearing in this picture

Sr Karan with a few of the Sisters OHP who were in attendance


Our second day out was on Wednesday 10th June, when we went on a pilgrimage to St Hilda's Church, Hartlepool.  The congregation of St Hilda's visit us in Whitby and stay in the Sneaton Castle Centre on an annual basis, so were very pleased to be able to offer hospitality to us instead.

We were greeted with tea or coffee and biscuits, and then said a short mid-day office for St Hilda.  Lunch came after, and it was not only an impressive spread, with cooked meats, salmon, potatoes and salads followed by cheesecake and fruit salad with cream or ice cream, but it was throughly delicious too.

During lunch, we were entertained with two gentlemen playing the Northumbrian pipes.  One of them very generously allowed Srs Jocelyn and Helen to have a try.

Sr Helen concentrating on her co-ordination with Sr Heather Francis looking on

We were then given a tour of St Hilda's, which was very informative with regards to both the history of the building and the monastic life on the headland of Hartlepool.

Sisters listening to John, tour guide, historian and member of the St Hilda's congregation

After the tour, we had time for a walk around the headland before departing back for Whitby.  The sun was shining and the sky blue, which just added a little something extra to the blessings which we had already received.

Posted On: 11/06/2015



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