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Our First 100 Years

First of all, our apologies for not having this post ready sooner.  It was really quite the celebration at York Minster on Saturday 17th October.

The planning for the service had been underway for several months beforehand, and on the morning there was an almost military operation to ensure that Sisters and packed lunches for 700 arrived at the Minster in plenty of time to be able to meet and greet all the former pupils (British and Ghanaian), Tertiaries, Friends, Associates, fellow Religious and supporters of OHP.

The Minster was full of smiles and joy, as many reunions took place beforehand, and this spilled over into the Eucharist itself.  Due to a minor error with timing, the collection wasn't taking during the Offertory Hymn but after the post-communion prayers, when the Old St Monican's and our Ghanaian Sisters sang and danced their way from the West Door to the Nave Altar with gifts and collection bowls.

After this, the visiting Bishops from Ghana and Swaziland spoke briefly, bringing their greetings and congratulations to the Order, and Archbishop Daniel Sarfo, the Primate of West Africa, gave a Ghanaian stole to Archbishop Sentamu with reverence and humour, which resulted with Archbishop Sarfo kneeling in front of Archbishop Sentamu, having referred to Sentamu as being the equivalent of the King in this area.

After the blessing, all the Sisters joined the procession out, led by Sisters Dorothy Stella and Carole, to the accompaniment of Widor's Toccata and a standing ovation from the congregation.

We then had a photo call on the steps of the South entrance to the Minster, with Sisters and Bishops being photographed by Frank Harrison (the official photographer for the day) and the many tourists who were passing by and no doubt wondering what had been going on.



Bishop Paul's sermon will be published in the Advent Newsletter, but for those who cannot wait it is online at:


Thank you to all who came and took part in our day, and who have supported the Order over the last 100 years.  It would not have been possible without you all.

Here's to the next 100 years!

Posted On: 26/10/2015



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