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September News

September began with Sisters Helen and Louisa Ann running the Tees Pride 10k race.  Both were very pleased to make it round the course on what turned out to be quite a warm day!  Sr Helen was being sponsored to raise money for the OHP houses in Jachie and Sunyani, and Sr Louisa Ann was being sponsored to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  If you wish to add a donation to either cause, please contact Sr Helen via St Oswald's or Sr Louisa Ann via Dormanstown.

Sian, our alongsider, has been living with the Sisters at the Priory since the start of July.  She has been working with Rev'd Michael Gobbett, Rector of Whitby, and has become very much part of the community, both at the Priory and in the town of Whitby.  Her original plan was to spend a year with us, to live and work alongside us while also studying part-time, but she has recently asked to join us as a Postulant.

Our Aspirant, Sue, will be joining us towards the end of October to be admitted as a Postulant.  Sian will be admitted at the same time, and they will join Sr Hannah Grace in the noviciate.

The Sisters will once again be taking part in the Festival of Thrift, which is back again in the village of Kirkleatham, on the outskirts of Redcar.  We are busy crafting and creating items for sale, from recycled Christmas cards to quilting and Sr Grace's greeting cards.  There are a few Sisters also industriously using up the leftover odds and ends of wool from other knitting projects to create mini stockings, teddy bears and Nativity figures.

Posted On: 10/09/2017



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