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How do I become a Tertiary?

If you are interested in becoming a tertiary the first stage is to contact the Tertiary Warden who will take you through the next steps.

If you feel that you are to join the Tertiary Order, you will then become a Postulant.  As a postulant you will be invited to participate in local group meetings if there is one near to you or become part of the ‘lone’ group for those where there is no local group. This is a "taster" stage and lasts up to 6 months.

If you then decide to make an initial commitment to the Tertiary way of life, you will take simple promises and receive a novice cross and a copy of the rule. During this stage you will be supported to form your own Rule, reflecting on your calling and your own circumstances. This stage lasts for up to two years when you will decide if this way of life is right for you and to make your life promises.

Once you have decided on this way of life, you become a full member.  As a full member you will play a full part in the life of the Tertiary Order. You will be expected to make a commitment to attend Chapter whenever possible. You will make your “Life” promises and receive a new cross. Life promises are reviewed and renewed from time to time as our circumstances change.

Use the from below to contact us about becoming a Tertiary:

Tertiary Warden

The Acting Warden of Tertiaries is Mr John Bouch.

Telephone:  01226 249347

Postal address:

42 Cumberland Drive
South Yorkshire
S71 5DF