An Anglican Religious Community
for Women

OHP Priory and Chapel Inside OHP Chapel

The Mother House

Here is St Hilda’s Priory, Castle Road, Whitby, YO21 3SL.  St Hilda is the patron saint of Whitby.

This is our Mother House. It was here that our community began in 1915 and Sisters return here regularly – it is our home.

From the front door, we can look across to the east cliff where St Hilda founded a monastery in 657.

Prayer and worship together are at the centre of our life.

It is here that:

  • the community began in 1915
  • each Sister begins her life in community
  • the Prioress (Head of the Order) lives
  • the Order’s administrative work is centred
  • Sisters are cared for in old age and infirmity
  • guests are welcomed
  • various ministries are undertaken
  • the OHP Library is maintained for use by Sisters and guests

Sister Jocelyn is the current Prioress. She was elected to office in 2019.

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