An Anglican Religious Community
for Women

OHP Priory and Chapel Inside OHP Chapel

Sunyani, Ghana

Sister Mavis has been developing her contacts and ministry within the diocese of Sunyani.

The house chapel is used for a celebration of the Eucharist on Mondays & Saturdays and the Sisters are joined by local Anglicans on Saturdays.

Sr Mavis works in the Diocesan Office as Administrative Secretary. She is also part of a resource team to teach pre-seminarians taking part in the Theological Education by Extension in Sunyani and gives talks on Religious Life in the Anglican Church to Roman Catholic Novitiates.

The Sisters are also involved in setting up a Vocational School in Sunyani, where local people will be able to go to learn new skills to help them either find employment or set up their own business.

On 30th November 2013, Sr Mavis admitted Benedicta Anne as a Postulant to the Order. Benedicta Anne will be working alongside the Sisters, as well as taking Religious Life formation classes with the Novices and Postulants in the Roman Catholic orders in Sunyani, whom Sr Mavis also teaches.

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