An Anglican Religious Community
for Women

OHP Priory and Chapel Inside OHP Chapel

Weekly Timetable for Offices and the Eucharist

While our weekly timetable is fairly regular, there are occasions when the times of Office or Eucharist do change.

Our normal weekly timetable is as follows:


Lauds Mass Mid-day Office Vespers Compline
Sunday 7.30 9.30 12.40 4.30 Not in Chapel
Monday 7.30 - 12.40 6.00 7.45
Tuesday - - - - -
Wednesday 7.30 8.00 12.40 6.00 7.45
Thursday 7.30 12.30 12.15 6.00 7.45
Friday 7.30 8.00 12.40 6.00 7.45
Saturday 7.30 8.00 12.00 6.00 7.45
The Chapel
The Chapel


Tuesday is usually a corporate Space Day for the Sisters and so there are no services in Chapel. The exceptions to this are when we are in Retreat, or when a special occasion occurs on a Tuesday, such as Christmas Day or a Sister's Jubilee celebration.

During times of Retreat, the Eucharist is usually at mid-day. When the Sisters are in Chapter, the Eucharist is normally at 8.00am. The weekly timetable is displayed in the Reception area of Sneaton Castle Centre, in the entrance to Chapel, by the front door, and a copy is also kept with the Portress (receptionist) for the Priory.